Monday, June 9, 2008

Get to know the Author

Have you ever waited in line to get an autograph for a book, or go to a CD signing and actually get a chance to meet the artist or author? It is a trip! I have actually met Bobby Flay, a food network star at his restaruant in NYC and then I went back and bought a cookbook for my husband and had him sign it. I walked away feeling like - me and Bobby are buds! Recently I met Lisa Whelchel and I actually had my picture taken twice with her at her book signing (the first night I forgot my book), but by the second night, I felt like we had a mutual bond - You know we had the same name and we joked about it! There is something about meeting an author, I will forever feel like I know them. You become intimately attached in some odd way. Mind you the unless you build relationship with these authors it is usually a one way attachment. (I could do a dance on Lisa Welchel's nose and she wouldn't know me from atom!)

However, I do know an author who delites in talking with His readers. Actually, talking about His book, is something He desires immensely. It is good and necessary that we read His book, but even more so it is imperative that we spend time talking to the Him the Author. Of course, you know I'm referring to the Bible and God who is the Author and finisher of the Bible and of our faith!

The only way to truly have any kind of intimate relationship is by spending quality time together. The more time we spend reading His book and talking to Him, the more intimate we will be. The best part about this particular Author is that it is a two-way relationship! He loves us, longs for us, desires to spend time with us. You may read the Bible, but how often to you talk to the Author? Prayer is essential, as essential as breathing.

Ladies, please don't be afraid to pray. I was told as a child to "just talk to Jesus". Talk to Him as you would talk to your Dad, your Brother/Sister, friend. That is exactly what I do. Sometimes people say "I don't sound pretty" or "it just doesn't flow". Does it flow when you pick up the telephone with your best friend? It should be just like that. You don't have to sound "pretty" or use "churchy" words, the Lord knows you, knows the way you talk, loves you and love the way you talk - so don't worry!

So, what are you waiting for? Have you talked to The Author yet today?

Love you! ~Lisa

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