Monday, June 16, 2008

A Hero of the Faith

Have you ever read anything by or about Amy Carmichael? Oh...she was an amazing woman, a missionary with a heart bigger than one could imagine, and a beautiful writer. My husband actually introduced me to her poetry early on in our marriage and then last year my son and I learned about her during our history studies.

She was born in Ireland in 1867. At the age of 26 she was sent to Japan as a missionary. Due to health issues she was only in Japan for a short time and she was sent back to Great Britain. Within the next two years, although she never actually received a "call" to go to India, she was advised that the climate in Bangalore, India, would benefit her health. She was 28 when she arrived in Bangalore--and began her ministry by traveling with several Indian sisters to the surrounding villages, sharing the Gospel message of hope. In these early travels she was exposed to the horrors of temple prostitution that many beautiful girls were subjected to--whether because of a "sacred vow" by family members or for money.

In 1901, Amy had just returned from a year of ministry to the villages when she was greeted by a sweet, seven-year-old girl, Preena. She had escaped from the temple and looked to Amy for help -- and so began the work of what would later be known as Dohnavur Fellowship. This fellowship took in needy children but was run like a family not an orphanage. It still runs today!

I wanted to share this quote by Amy Carmichael, it is full of wisdom. Enjoy!

"Our feelings do not affect God's facts. They may blow up, like clouds, and cover the eternal things that we do most truly believe. We may not see the shining of the promises--but they still shine! His strength is not for one moment less because of our human weakness."

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